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Dr Hypno CBD Auto by Hypno Seeds

Get the most desirable medicine from Mother Nature and the market in 8 weeks!

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Here at Hypno Seeds we understand that some people need quick access to their medicine, that's why we created a super fast autoflowering version of our Dr. Hypno CBD. Thanks to the autoflowering genetics of this strain, growers will be able to get medicinal harvests in around 8 weeks. It can reach up to 20% CBD and 0.4% THC, which makes it a bit more therapeutic than its photoperiod lineage. Dr. Hypno CBD Auto is incredibly easy to grow and requires no special effort. The fast flowering time of these seeds will keep you supplied with medicinal buds packed with CBD.

Appearance and growing tips

Due to its compact size, Dr. Hypno CBD Auto is the perfect smart choice for all types of growers. Whether your grow space is a climate-controlled indoor tent, an outdoor garden, or a balcony in the city; you'll find it incredibly easy to grow this painkilling cannabis strain. It is just as hardy as its predecessor and does not lose any properties during its rapid growth. Being a balanced hybrid, it acquires the best of both worlds in terms of structure and growth. It is recommended to apply LST to increase bud numbers and yields, which can reach up to 150 grams per plant. As with all our autoflowering varieties, we recommend giving it as much light as possible. For growers in Nordic countries with short summers, it will never be easier to grow Mother Nature's medicine.

Taste and aroma

Get ready for your body to relax with the tastes and smells of this therapeutic herb. Dr. Hypno CBD has citrus and pine and oak aromas, which will be like aromatherapy. Close your eyes and imagine walking through an orange grove, surrounded by fresh woods; now open your eyes and see it in a single autoflowering cannabis plant.


Happiness, pleasure, clarity and tranquility, all in one. With this pain relieving strain avoid the medicine cabinet and make oils, tinctures, or joints for when your body or mind needs relief. Light up and inhale and exhale slowly to absorb its medicinal properties.

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