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ICE Eyes Auto by Hypno Seeds

Mental expansion and sophisticated flavors Ready to harvest in 9 weeks!

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Get ready for a spiritual experience; to open your third eye and see mandalas! Our Ice Eyes autoflowering cannabis strain will hypnotize you with its uplifting effects. This strain is a delicious and balanced hybrid with 22% THC. It will be ready to harvest in as little as 9 weeks from germination. Ice Eyes Auto is perfect for those looking for cannabis that is potent, easy and fast to grow; and produces abundant harvests of intoxicating flower buds.

Growing Tips and Appearance

These autoflowering cannabis seeds start growing quickly from the moment they are planted, thus starting the grow show. During the vegetative stage they will grow bushy and tall because of their mix of Sativa and Indica genetics. Ice Eyes gets the best of both worlds in terms of structure and effect. Its central stem will grow tall with substantial side branches that will stretch, reaching around 120 cm (47 inches) in height. Just what makes it ideal to apply LST at the beginning.

Start with a reduced amount of nutrients for the first few weeks and increase throughout growth. This strain gets hungry during flowering. You will see the buds of Ice Eyes Auto swell. They will fill with trichomes in the last weeks of flowering, giving the appearance of frost, turning your grow space into a winter wonderland. Each plant can produce up to 155 grams of dense, trichome-filled buds that will be the envy of anyone who has the pleasure of seeing them!

Flavor and aroma

For fans of potent weed, this strain is for you, thanks to its complex terpene profile. It has a sophisticated spicy flavor with sweet and sour undertones, and a floral, spruce aroma that any cannabis connoisseur will enjoy. Smoking these buds will be like lighting an incense that will take you on a meditative journey.


Light up, relax and enjoy the flight. Let your mind surrender to the cerebral stimulation of Ice Eyes. Let your body feel its energy. Thanks to its high THC content and moderate CBD level, this strain stimulates the body and mind. Ice Eyes is the perfect addition to any social gathering or spiritual session. Everyone will want to experience its creative and mind-expanding effects!

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