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Hazenberg AM Auto by Hypno Seeds

An out-of-body experience ready in only 9 weeks

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Hypno Seeds presents its autoflowering version of the famous Amnesia Haze, Hazenberg AM Auto. A mind-expanding and pleasure-inducing weed. For Sativa lovers, this fast-growing autoflowering cannabis strain will be a hit. Thanks to its incredible euphoric effects and delicious earthy flavors, you will repeat its name over and over again, it will become your new mantra and take you to an extrasensory experience!

Appearance and growing tips

Because of its 75% Sativa genetics, this strain grows tall and lanky branches with a large internodal spacing perfect for training. This is recommended to help control its height of up to 130 cm (51 inches). This strain loves to eat, like most Sativas. After you plant these autoflowering seeds, be prepared to increase the dose of nutrients. Because of their rapid growth, it is best to plant the seeds in their final pot of at least 3 gallons to allow their roots sufficient space. If ideal conditions are maintained throughout the growing process, Hazenberg AM can reach its full potential of 210 grams of sticky buds per plant.

Flavor and aroma

The flavors of Hazenberg AM are not just any old thing. During flowering, this autoflowering strain will fill your grow space with incensey scents of patchouli and sandalwood. Once it's ready for consumption, you'll be able to taste its peculiar earthy flavor of nutty, cinnamon, spicy and lime. This strain is the perfect accompaniment to a meditation session. The aroma alone will lull you into a zen state. It will be like lighting an incense!


A mind and body experience. Consumers will enjoy a sensual energy during the first part of the trip, followed by a feeling of joy that gradually becomes sociable and euphoric. Hazenberg AM Auto has around 21% THC with a Sativa tendency that will keep you alert and aware, but with a relaxed body, producing a truly synergistic experience.

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