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Crystal Ball Auto by Hypno Seeds

Stimulate all your senses and float in time!

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Get ready for a relaxing and psychedelic experience. These ultra-fast autoflowering cannabis seeds will sprout at a record speed of around 8 weeks, which will feel like you have traveled back in time. Crystal Ball Auto is a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid strain with up to 20% THC. Its calming effects, combined with its fruity taste, will give you the feeling of floating in time. Hypno Seeds created this genetics for the lovers of a mind-blowing trip, don't miss the opportunity to try it.

Appearance and growing tips

No matter where you decide to plant these feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds; this strain will sprout and flower so fast that you won't have time to waste. Take a look around your grow space and enjoy the splendor of this strain. Due to Crystal Ball Auto's hybrid genetics it will grow tall and wide during the first few weeks and stretch during flowering, reaching a height of up to 140 cm (55 inches). It is recommended to apply LST and tie its branches in the vegetative stage to control its height and increase its yield, which reaches up to 300 grams per plant. Its internodal spacing makes it perfect for this type of training. Provide at least 18 hours of quality light, or as much as possible, and you will be blessed with abundant harvests of the highest quality buds.

Flavor and aroma

Stimulate your 5 senses and delight in the delicate fruity flavors of melon and strawberry jam. Crystal Ball will take you to another dimension. Light up your aura with its delicious aromas and flavors!


Like a trip through time, this strain will take you to another dimension! Its Indica effects will put you in a deep relaxing state, while its Sativa properties will expand your mind and take you to a parallel world, calm and happy.

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