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Cheese XXL x Mandarina Auto by Oaseeds

Autoflowering of last generation, born of crossing two of the lines Mandarine Auto and Cheese XXL Auto.

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As we moved forward in the automation process of the Mandarina Auto were isolated from the larger phenotypes and Production in order to improve the final production of flowers in this line.

At the last junction we took the opportunity to introduce some Copies of Critical Auto, also selected by size and Production, and the result of mixing both lines we call Cheese XXL x Mandarina Auto.

It is advisable to plant in a substrate rich in nutrients but to be the most Aerated as possible, to help create a highly developed root system In as little time as possible. To take advantage of the extraordinary vigor Owns the Cheese XL x Cream Mandarine Auto we recommend the use of pots Large from germination (not less than 5 liters).

It's quite comical, coming to admit doses of E.C. Greater than 2.0 During flowering.

Cheese XL x Cream Mandarine Auto creates a strong and uniform structure of branches High, shaped like a chandelier, special for interior.

The aroma that emits live is intense, sweet and sour, never before Seen in autoflowering plants.


-75 days from germination.

Flavor / aroma:

-citrus, but with a very intense sweet background.


-50 to 250 gms / plant (outdoor), from 450 to 550 gms / m2 (indoor).


-Activity brain, very creative. Llevadero for people with tolerance


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Customer reviews

100% germination, Nice tasty and dank weed, strong high. Good resin production, resselient plant, ok yield.
Potent plant, likes a sunny spot, vigorous growth and good size buds. Intense flavor, head high and a great resin production.
https://www.wietforum.nl/gallery/image/660934-pc020119jpg/ nice plant
i get 4 free seeds It is a beautiful plant good hard buds it smell very strong they use good nutrition i was not afraid of over fertilization
all seeds germinated fast beautiful growing plant about 1 meter indoor ( Cocos and Guano flower soil) Yield about 30g p.P Fine Price Performance ratio
Super Sorte,stark und einigermaßen ergiebig. Für den günstigen Preis immer wieder.
Schöne Pflanzen. Leicht zum growen. Dicke buds auch auf den Seitenzweigen.
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