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Secret Ducky by Xtreme Seeds

Unique variety in the world. A race from Australia. Cannabis seems. The Original Duck Foot feminised version.

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Secret Ducky is a work 100% based on a seed acquired years of which males and females were crossed in its infancy with Chiflo (Chitral x Flo) to provide greater hybrid vigor and stability were selected. They were subsequently worked both crops indoors and outdoors for two generations with the primal male and as many from there to set the desired traits.

With Secret Ducky we have ensured that all copies of this rare variety keep the webbed sheet "or duck walk" in all the seed feature.

Although there is debate about whether it is a subspecies of cannabis or a mutation that has been fixed in the offspring the truth is that we have a totally different plant. Secret Ducky does not look like a cannabis plant in their growth. You can spend next to her and probably even the veterans might not realize that it is cannabis. It is perfect for discrete areas, where neighbors much touch noses and especially for growing foreign and guerrillas.

When the plant comes into bloom, flower formation is high and here it is beginning to look like a cannabis plant as we know.

It's a good production plant. thick dense buds form but something open and an amount of more than decent for this type of plant resin. Its flavor is between metallic and earthy, different than current varieties, if we let the plant ripen more than necessary (recommended) will increase and enhance its flavor. Its effect is variable and although we would not know as exactly qualify, we could say that is halfway between an indica and sativa. With Secret Ducky most specimens show a pleasant environment and consumption effect, but some specimens we tested are certainly the most powerful we've smoked, somewhat exaggerated. They do not appear too often, but if you give one of them, feel such a strong effect that not even seem to cannabis. Smokers with experience and great tolerance have told us that on occasion have hallucinated with the effects of these less common specimens. It feels like levitation effect is like floating.

The flowering cycle is about 60/70 days. Outdoors is harvested in mid-October.

It is a very strong plant and enduring well the weather and stresses of different kinds. So we recommend it for cold, wet areas or areas and countries of northern Spain and Europe.


Parent: Chiflo (Chitral x Flo) X Duck Foot) x Duck Foot
Genetics: Hybrid
Sex: feminized seeds. Only females.
Flowering cycles: 60/70 days inside. Foreign mid October harvest.
Production: High. Good producer indoors and outdoors.
Power: generally average. We can find copies of a high power and unusual (rarer) with a very particular effect and sometimes does not seem to the most common cannabis. Feeling that you're floating.
Taste: sweet, earthy, metallic. If overripe flavors are more pronounced and profound.

Xtreme is proud to be able to offer this genetic Seeds for the first time in feminized version for the enjoyment of all cannabicultores. Special thanks to our breeder "The Guerrilla", the work done.

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