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White Widow Auto by Dinafem Seeds

White Widow Autoflowering is a cannabis seed the catalogue of Dinafem Seeds couldn’t do without. This autoflowering Dutch classic, born from the cross of two high-flying genetics, White Widow and Critical + Autoflowering, gives way to a really compact plant, perfect for balconies or terraces, with an incredible Indica effect capable of alleviating stress, insomnia or lack of appetite.

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White Widow Autoflowering is an Indica-shaped cannabis plant: incredibly vigorous, with a small and branchy structure. White Widow Autoflowering produces a large and thick main cola surrounded by many small but equally dense buds all over her side branches.

White Widow Autoflowering is an average yielder of Indica buds: dense, round and very resinous.

White Widow Autoflowering showcases a very attractive fruity, floral and fresh aroma accompanied by several hints of citrus and fresh flowers.

The ‘high’ delivered by White Widow Autoflowering is purely Indica: strong, soothing and relaxing. Perfect for a peaceful rest. Thanks to her high THC levels, White Widow Autoflowering is suitable for recreational users who wish to simply enjoy her relaxing effect as well as for therapeutic users who suffer from stress, insomnia or lack of appetite.

Thanks to her small dimensions, White Widow Autoflowering is suitable for cannabis growers looking for a discreet and easy-to-handle marijuana strain for their balconies or terraces. Her being an autoflowering means that, in less than 80 days from germination, she’ll be ready for harvest, which is a great asset for those living in regions with humid climates or short summers. In fact, White Widow Autoflowering is an Indica lady that doesn’t cope well with extreme humidity levels because her wide leaves and her compactness don’t allow her to perspire. That’s why she’s best grown in dry, temperate and sunny summer-like climates.

White Widow Autoflowering is also a great choice for indoor growing. Should you decide to cultivate indoors, we recommend using 400-600W lamps on a 20/4 light cycle.

However, what you really have to bear in mind, whether you decide to grow indoors or outdoors, is that she’ll need a pot of at least 10 L as well as a well-aerated substrate that will allow her roots to make the most of the available nutrients. This is obtained by adding 30 % of coco coir to it. Apart from that, we suggest watering frequently but sparsely, always making sure no standing water is left on the substrate. Fertilize moderately too.

Data sheet

THC Medium (10-15%)
% THC 9 - 12
Lineage Critical+ Auto x White Widow
Variety Hybrid
Gender Feminized
Photoperiod Autoflowering
Life Cycle Median: 75 - 90 days
Harvest Time From Seed (days) 80
Yield Indoor (g/m2) 25 - 60
Yield Outdoor 40 - 160
Outdoor Height (cm) 50 - 110
Flavor Earthy, Woody, Pungent
Effects Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative
Medicinal Use Stress, Depression, Pain

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