Marshmallow Pancakes by Holy Smoke Seeds

Marshmallow Pancakes from Holy Smoke Seeds seedbank is a fast flowering hybrid genetics with incredible yields. As potent as it is tasty, it will quickly become one of your favorite genetics.

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Marshmallow, a strong and resistant hybrid

To create this Indica/Sativa hybrid, the bank's breeders crossed a strong classic strain with one of their best genetics for two generations. On the one hand, Marshmallow OG represents the meeting of the famous Chemgod, Triangle OG and Jet Fuel Gelato, for a plant with abundant resin concentrations and very high THC content.

On the other hand, the Pancakes are part of the bank's gene pool and produce strong and stable plants with characteristics similar to those of the Cookies, which translate very well in the various crosses made by the bank.

The Marshmallow Pancakes plants are Indica/Sativa hybrids, with a vigorous growth, which offer strong and resistant plants, adapted to any kind of cultivation. It will be possible to work the numerous secondary branches to give the plant the desired shape, or to select a mother plant to produce many cuttings and grow them in SOG. They can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with results that never disappoint.

When grown indoors, Marshmallow Pancakes can be harvested 8-9 weeks after the photoperiod change. Outdoors, she can be harvested in late September or early October, depending on growing conditions and phenotypes. In any case, the yields are abundant and will allow you to fill your cannabis stock.

Marshmallow Pancakes, a candy store with devastating effects

The flavors are worthy of the best stocked candy store. You will experience intensely sweet flavors, with delicate floral notes of rose combined with the extremely creamy background of the Pancakes genetics. The influence of the Chemdog and the OG Kush allows to obtain Diesel flavors more or less intense according to the phenotype. To take full advantage of the cocktail of terpenes produced by Marshmallow Pancakes, we recommend using organic fertilizers during cultivation.

Marshmallow Pancakes by Holy Smoke Seeds will surprise even the most experienced users with explosive effects! Novice users should take these genetics seriously or risk being surprised. The mix of terpenes and cannabinoids, the so-called entourage effect, allows you to experience sensations that occur immediately after the first puff and are particularly intense. The hybrid nature of this genetics allows a complete effect, which is felt both cerebrally and physically.

The buds are rock solid and covered with a thick layer of cannabinoid-rich resin. Resin extraction enthusiasts should take this strain seriously, as it offers interesting yields regardless of the method applied. It will be possible to successfully produce Hashish, BHO or Rosin with very high quality results.

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