Oreo Pancakes by Holy Smoke Seeds

Once again the Holy Smoke Seeds bank surprises us with the creation of a genetic that breaks all the standards. Oreao Pancakes sets a new standard, with a hybrid Indica/Sativa genetics that produces powerful effects accompanied by intense flavors that remain in the mouth for a long time.

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Oreo Pancakes, a cookie for all crops!

To create this Oreo Pancakes, the breeders of the bank Holy Smoke Seeds decided to cross two genetics present in their gene pool and which offer productions of cannabinoids and terpenes superior to what is generally found. On the one hand, we can find Dante's Inferno, a cross between Oreoz and Devil Driver. Therefore, it allows us to enjoy the flavors of cookies and Zkitllez. On the other hand, the Pancakes, a genetics of the Cookies family, is very useful in crossings, as it offers strong and stable plants. Growers who start growing Oreo Pancakes will not be disappointed and will only wish they could restart a crop to enjoy these amazing genetics again. It is clearly the best of what can be found for cultivation, with plants of hybrid vigor that grow quickly and develop a strong main branch, accompanied by many secondary branches. It can therefore be adapted to any type of cultivation, from a Scrog by manipulating the secondary branches to give the desired shape to the plant, or a SOG by growing numerous cuttings from a mother plant.

Indoors, the harvest will take place 8 to 9 weeks after the change of the photoperiod of bloom to obtain abundant harvests, whatever the cultivation technique applied. Outdoors, it is very adaptable, and will give excellent results if grown in a greenhouse. Depending on phenotype and growing conditions, it can be harvested in late September or early October.

Oreoz Pancakes, fruity flavors and high THC concentration!

Once you have tasted Oreoz Pancakes, the sight of the flowers will immediately make you want to try it. A premium experience, allowing you to enjoy a creamy, cookie-like taste, very sweet and pungent, accompanied by the famous fruity flavor of the Skittlez. This cocktail of terpenes is rich and lingers in the mouth for a long time, regardless of the method of consumption, whether during vaporization sessions or consuming the flowers in a more classic way.

With cannabinoid concentrations that can reach more than 30% THC, depending on the growing conditions and phenotypes encountered, Oreoz Pancakes is not only explosive, but also tasty. The so-called entourage effect, i.e. the mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, makes the effect intense and complete. The sensations are perceived both cerebrally and physically and are felt very quickly, just after a few puffs.

The buds Oreo Pancakes of Holy Smoke Seeds are hard as a rock and shine like diamonds. Trichome production is especially abundant and handling the buds will coat your fingers with a sticky layer of resin that will be hard to get rid of. It is an ideal strain for concentrate lovers who want to grow a strain that produces very abundant yields in different extraction techniques, accompanied by deep and intense flavors.

Data sheet

THCVery High (20% or +)
% THC30
LineagePancakes x Dante's Inferno
FloweringShort: 7 - 9 weeks
Flowering Time (days)65
Outdoor HarvestEarly October

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