Colossal XXL Auto by Taima Seeds

An extremely productive and aromatic strain with an extraordinary potency.

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Characteristics of the Colossal XXL Auto
The Colossal XXL Auto is a feminized autoflowering seed of Indica dominance but with very interesting sativa traits, despite which it reaches a very considerable size for this type of variety, which translates into heavy harvests.

This strain comes from a very interesting cross between two classics such as Northern Lights and AK 47 auto, an absolutely delicious fusion.

This ''small'' will be able to be worked as well by the most experts as by those who have just started in the culture because the cares which it requires are very basic.

Another very important feature of the Colossal XXL Auto is that despite being an autoflowering of large size and production, it has a fairly short growing period.

Cultivation and yield
Our beloved Colossal XXL Auto is a very grateful variety, this means that if you are attentive and give her a good feeding and climatic conditions she will reward you with a harvest of tremendous quality and quantity.

It is important that during the first two or three weeks of life you water them with very little water, with this you will get that the roots do not accommodate and develop to the maximum because if you bring an excess of water they will remain specimens of reduced size.

In indoor cultivation is a strain that reaches a considerable size so we recommend that you use 7 L pots or at most 11 L.

Its spectacular buds full of aromatic resin will be ready to cut between 72 and 77 days after germination, reaching maximum yields of 400 grams per square meter.

Outdoors our recommendation is to germinate it directly in the field to get the maximum production or, failing that, germinate in a pot of the largest possible size (and do not make transplants as they slow down the growth of the autos).

After these 75 days of work with the Colossal XXL Auto you will be able to harvest between 70 and 120 grams of flowers of maximum quality.

Aroma and taste
With the Colossal XXL Auto we were pleasantly surprised because we managed to get the most delicious and aromatic nuances of its ascendants.

When you smell a bud you will feel an intoxicating and sweet fragrance very earthy with citrus touches, one of those classic aromas that will never go out of fashion.

When smoked, these earthy smells are transformed into very intense flavors accompanied by fruity and citrus notes with an irresistible sweet touch.

Effect and power
Colossal XXL Auto has an exceptional potency, an autoflowering strain with a THC content close to 20% and a predominantly indica effect that will leave you sedated.

When you consume it, you will feel a deep and sleepy relaxation that will invite you to rest and calm, that is why we recommend to use it to end the day.

Despite this strong physical blow, it also makes itself felt in the head, provoking a state of joyful and pleasant laughter.

How to grow Colossal XXL Auto?
Its cultivation is simple and fast, the most important thing is to take into account its large size when growing indoors because they can eat the closet. To correct this we will use small pots (5'5 or 7L).

Another fundamental question is that transplants should not be made since they stop the growth of the plant, so that outdoors it will be germinated in the field or in definitive pot of great size.

Origins of the Colossal XXL Auto
This fascinating autoflowering plant arises from the union of two great classics of the cannabis culture...

Northern Lights x AK 47 Auto
That said we could say that you are invited to try the result, we are sure that you will not be disappointed with this great lady.

Data sheet

THCHigh (15-20%)
% THC18 – 20
LineageNorthern Lights x AK 47 Auto
VarietyMostly Indica
Life CycleShort: under 75 days
Harvest Time From Seed (days)65 – 70
Yield Indoor (g/m2)300 – 400
Yield Outdoor70 – 110
Outdoor Height (cm)90 – 170
FlavorSweet, Spices, Earthy, Pine

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